Submissions being accepted for Podcast Recording Booth 

The Podcast Recording Booth will be located on the exhibit floor. 15-minute time slots are available on Monday, June 26 for exhibitors to record a short podcast in a semi-soundproof recording booth as attendees view the recording in progress. Exhibitors are responsible for coordinating the content of their podcast, including securing authors and interviewers. You must be a contracted exhibitor to participate. 

Please use the form at this link to apply for the Podcast Recording Booth at the 2023 ALA Annual Conference. Please click “Join Now” to begin your first submission. You will need to create a new profile even if you have submitted to conferences in the past. 

Deadline: June 14, 2023 or until time slots have been filled. 

NOTE: ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE REVIEWED. Submission does not guarantee a time slot. 

ALA will provide the following: 

  • Sound and recording equipment and tech to run equipment 
  • A digital file of the recording will be provided to the exhibitor 
  • Listing of podcast schedule in the online planner and mobile app 

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