As the world’s biggest library event, the onsite Annual Conference & Exhibition brings together thousands of librarians and library staff, educators, authors, publishers, friends of libraries, trustees, special guests, and exhibitors.

Brought to you by the American Library Association, LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience will offer an ALA member-focused experience designed to motivate, inspire, and engage in discussions that will shape the future of libraries and communities.

See below for details on each event. Contact our team today at for more information or to reserve an opportunity. Also, make sure to check out the ALA Exhibitor Blog to stay up-to-date with all things ALA.


ALA 2024 Annual Conference

San Diego Convention Center – San Diego, CA

Exhibit Dates: June 28 – July 1, 2024

For questions on available booth space or for additional information contact:
Rich Widick & Dawn Kerrigan at


2025 LibLearnX

Phoenix Convention Center – Phoenix, AZ

Exhibit Dates: January 25 – 27, 2025

For questions on available booth space or for additional information contact:
Rich Widick & Dawn Kerrigan at


ALA Upcoming Annual and LibLearnX Conferences

ALA Upcoming Annual and LibLearnX Conferences


Christopher J. Hoy Scholarship

The Christopher J. Hoy Scholarship is an annual scholarship consisting of $5,000 to a U.S./Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is pursuing an MLS in an ALA-accredited program.

Official Contractors Reminder

Interested in Exhibiting at ALA?

The ALA Exhibits Team – represented by Hall-Erickson, Inc. – is the only official exhibit and sponsorship sales representative of the American Library Association Annual Conference & Exhibition and LibLearnX. Your company or organization may be contacted by other companies soliciting you for exhibit booth space and sponsorship opportunities. Please be aware that these companies claim to provide sales opportunities for the American Library Association events, but are not affiliated with ALA in any way. Don’t be misled! Contact or visit for all things ALA exhibits.

There are some companies that organize collective exhibits of independent publishers, authors or other services within the ALA exhibits. These are independent companies or associations that do not represent ALA. ALA never invites or solicits participation in these displays. If you are solicited by an organization claiming to offer services on behalf of ALA or representing an invitation from ALA, be wary and feel free to contact the Exhibition Management office for more information at

Official Services

Be wary of any false and misleading messages sent by companies falsely claiming to be the official provider of services for the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition. Official service providers for services will be clearly identified in the Exhibitor Manual and by the “Official Contractor” logo. Show Management contracts out to a select group of companies the responsibility of performing the various tasks needed to set up, operate and dismantle the exhibits. These companies are considered the “Official Contractors” for the event. If you have any questions about service providers claiming an affiliation that cannot be substantiated, contact Hall-Erickson at

Note on Unauthorized List Rental

ALA exhibitors may receive communications from companies selling ALA attendee lists. Please note that these companies have no affiliation with ALA, we do not verify their lists and we cannot recommend purchasing a list through them.

Please refer to this press release for more information: Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance Applauds Federal Trade Commission for Finalizing Anti-Impersonation Fraud Rule

ALA’s official list rental is provided through CompuSystems Lead Management. List rental and broadcast email service will be available through the Exhibitor Registration site. CompuSystems emails login credentials for Exhibitor Registration to the Company’s Main Contact.

Use the “Forgot password” link on the site if you have misplaced your password. If your email is not recognized on the registration platform, please email For more information email CompuSystems at

Directory Listing Warning

As an exhibitor, your listing in the official ALA Annual Conference Exhibit Directory & Exhibit Floor Activity Guide is always complimentary. Please disregard all solicitations from third-party suppliers offering directory listings. They are not affiliated with the American Library Association, the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition or Hall-Erickson, Inc. If you are approached by a questionable supplier, please contact

Housing Poachers Reminder

Some exhibitors may be contacted by outside vendors regarding housing for the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition or LibLearnX. Please be aware that these companies claim to provide housing and registration services for the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, but are not affiliated with ALA in any way. DON’T BE MISLED!! Housing for ALA’s Annual Conference and LibLearnX is handled exclusively by onPeak.

Please make your reservations through onPeak, ALA’s only official housing partner. While other hotel resellers may contact you offering housing for your trip, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with the show and entering into financial agreements with non-endorsed companies can have costly consequences.

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